2022-23 League Individual Performances

Results of all matches and all boards played in the PDCL, along with League Tables can be found here

Individual A Team Performances

PlayedWonLost DrawnPoints % Score
Jaimie Wilson83324.556%
Andrew McDougall6501583%
Bill McDougall75115.579%
Rolandas Lukosius6321466%
Steve Smith73133.550%
Tom Howeson74124.564%
Mike Spence33003100%
Norbert Gyorke31111.550%
Chris Squires100190%

Individual B and C Team Performances

PlayedWonDrawnLostPoints% Score
Steve Smith41121.538%
Tom Howeson108118.585%
Mike Spence86116.581%
Mick Plumb31111.550%
Chris Squires6024117%
Jamie Wood2020150%
Ian Richardson5203240%
Mike Webber10442660%
Lloyd Jolley6105117%
Norbert Gyorke97117.583%
Steve Coe10325440%
Alan Reed81161.519%
Paul White5203240%
Ryan Kinzett5203240%
Lucas Summers4103125%
Isaac McDonald30120.517%
Laurence Ellett22002100%
Adam Holmes11001100%
John Hargreaves40130.513%
V L Thomas11001100%
R L Thomas100100%
Ian Judd100100%
Jacob Carr100100%