Chichester Chess Club is grateful for the generosity of the families of Peter Rayment, Ray Williams and Alex Miller for the donation of the books listed below.

The books are in two categories – ‘At the Club’ and ‘Off Site’ , due to space.

Members can borrow any book At the Club on a club night, but please inform Bill McDougall (either in person or at whenever you withdraw or return a book so we can keep track of the status.

Currently the Openings Books are in the large cardboard box, the others in two carrier bags.

For Off Site books please contact Steve Smith.

At the Club


The Hippopotamus RisesA Martin
Play the Open Games as BlackJ Emms
Kasparov’s Chess OpeningsO Borik
The Sicilian PelikanE Sveshnikov
The Sicilian TaimanovM Taimanov
Steamrollering the SicilianS Kasparov
The Kaufman RepertoireM Kaufman
Starting out Kings Indian AttackJ Emms
Starting out The ScandinavianJ Houska
The Perfect Pirc-ModernV Moskalenko
The English AttackT Sammalvuo
Play the Semi SlavD Vigorito
The Sveshnikov ReloadedRogozenko
1.d4 Beat the GuerillasD Bronzik
The Four KnightsC Lakdawala
1….d6 Move by MoveC Lakdawala
The Caro KannC Lakdawala
The Slav Move by MoveC Lakdawala
The Modern DefenceC Lakdawala
Symetrical English 1….c5J Watson
Unorthodox OpeningsBenjamin and Schiller
The Caro Kann DefenceKeene and Taulbut
Nimzoindian LeningradMacdonnald-Ross
The Modern French TarraschE Gufeld
How to Play the NimzoindianKeene and Taulbut
The Killer GrobM Basman
An Active Repertoire for BlackD Marovik
Sicilian for the Tournament PlayerE Gufeld
The Colle move by moveC Lakdawala


Basic Chess EndingsR Fine
Batsford Chess EndingsSpeelman and Wade


Petrosian’Best Games 1946-63P Clarke
Zurich International 1953D Bronstein
The Life and Games of Mikhail TalM Tal
Pillsbury’s Chess CareerSergeant and Watts
Kasparov on Kasparov Part 1G Kasparov
Kasparov on Kasparov Part 2G Kasparov
My Greatest Predecessors V1G Kasparov
My Greatest Predecessors V2G Kasparov
My Greatest Predecessors V3G Kasparov
My Greatest Predecessors V4G Kasparov
My Greatest Predecessors V5G Kasparov
Johannes ZukertortJ Adams
A NimzowitschR Keene
St Persburg 1909E Lasker


TitleAuthor Status
Play Winning Chess (for beginners) Yasser Seirawan
Openings (for beginners) Yasser Seirawan
Positional ChessS Taulbut
Bobby Fischer goes to WarEdmonds & Eidinow

Off Site


Chess Openings Zaps and TrapsB Pandolfini
How to Play the EnglishA Karpov
English OpeningV Kortchnoi
English OpeningB Cafferty
The Rossolimo SicilianV Bologan
The Modern DefenceKeene and Botterill
The Pirc DefenceKeene and Botterill
The Complete PircJ Nunn
Pirc for the Tournament PlayerJ Nunn
The Sicilian DragonD Levy
Sicilian – Accelerated DragonsD Levy
The Sicilian Richter RauzerHarding and Markland
The Sicilian SozinHarding and Botterill
The Sveshnikov SicilianM Krasnekov
The Leningrad DutchT D Harding
Play the Queens GambitD Marovic
Queens Gambit DeclinedS Samarian
The Queens Gambit acceptedG Flear
Queens Gambit Accepted (2 copies)E Varnusz
Petroff’s Defence (2 copies)A Yusupov
Petroff Defence – Cochrane GambitW J Lutes
Winning with the Kings GambitJ Gallagher
The Kings GambitN McDonald
Kings Gambit Accepted – Allagier etcC Leach
Caro-KannY Seirrawan
Caro-KannChess Digest
Beating the Caro-KannV Kotronias
The SlavM Sadler
The Scotch GameP Wells
Vienna OpeningT D Harding
Vienna GameKonstantinopolsky
How to Play the RetiE Schiller
Starting out in the RetiN McDonald
Winning with the ScotchG Lane
Kings Indian Defence ( 6. Nc6)J Watson
Kings Indian DefenceHartson and Keene
Flank Openings R Keene
Play on the Wings – Chess StrategyL Pachman
Yearbook af Chess 2016 vol 121New in Chess
Yearbook af Chess 2017 vol 123New in Chess
Yearbook af Chess 2017 vol 124New in Chess
Yearbook af Chess 2018 vol 126New in Chess
Bird and DutchT Sawyer
Blackmar-Diemer GambitE Schiller
The Powerful CatalanV Bologan
Modern Chess PreparationV Tukmakov
Wojo,s Weapons Winning with White Vol 1Hilton and Ippolito
Wojo,s Weapons Winning with White Vol 2Hilton and Ippolito
Wojo,s Weapons Winning with White Vol 3Hilton and Ippolito
A Vigorous Repertoire for Black 1. e4 e5O Cohen
A Killer Opening RepertoireSummerscale
Starting out :The TrompovskyR Palliser
How to Play against 1.d4R Palliser
A Ferocious Opening repertoireC Lakdawala
Slay the SicilianT Taylor
The Sicilian TaimanovJ Emms
The Stonewall AttackA Soltis
Trends – these are pamphlets of about 40 pages on specific opening variations below.
Accelerated Dragon,Catalan, Caro-Kann Nf6, Caro-Kann Panno Botvinnik, Elephant Gambit, English e5, Flank Openings, Kings Gambit Vol 1 and 2, Petroff, Pirc without classical,QGA Vol 1 and 2, QGD, Scotch,Sicilian Dragon,Najdorf, Richter-Rauzer, Sveshnikov Vol 1 and 2


Analysing the Endgame J Speelman
Basic Chess EndingsR Fine
Practical Chess EndingsP Keres
Pawn Power in ChessH Kmoch


The Complete Games of Anatopy Karpov Levy et al
Chess Praxis – My SystemA Nimzovich


Think Like a Grandmaster A Kotov
Modern Chess TacticsL Pachman
Complete Chess StrategyL Pachman
The Kings of ChessW Hartson
Guinness Chess RecordsK Whylds
The Oxford Companion to ChessHooper and Whylds
Modern Chess PreparationV Tukmakov
Chess for TigersS Webb


How to Beat Your Opponent QuicklyF Reinfeld
Challenge to Chess PlayersF Reinfeld
Gems of the Chess BoardP Wemman
The Chess OpeningsI Gunsberg
Fifty Great Games of ChessH Golombek
Every Game Checkmate F Hollings
Instructive Positions from Master ChessJ Mieses
Judgement and Planning in ChessM Euwe
Chess NoveltiesH E Bird
From the Opening into the EndgameE Mednis
How Not to Play ChessE ZnoskoBorovsky
ChessmenA Mackett-Beeson
Chess Treasury of the AirT Tiller
The Complete Chess CourseF Reinfeld
The Art of Attack in ChessVukovic
Comprehensive Chess OpeningsEstrin and Panov
Fisher v Spassky Reykjavik 1972C H O’D Alexander
The Most Instructive Games of Chess EverI Chernev
Sicilian Defence (up to 1972)A Gipslis
Informator Chess OpeningsInformant
World Chess Championship 1951Winter and Wade
Pocket Guide to the Chess OpeningsGriffith and Golombek

This list compiled by Steve Smith and Bill McDougall

August 2022